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Sick of Urinary Tract Infections? Read This

Urinary tract infections a.k.a cystitis can be incredibly annoying! Especially if you've tried rounds of antibiotics and it just seems to be coming back every few months or even worse, always underlying. No one wants to deal with burning sensations, endless trips to the bathroom and fatigue.

Recurrent cystitis has a variety of contributing factors dysbiosis, hygiene, neural overstimulation, sexual intercourse, dehydration or invasive procedures. What have you noticed will increase your urinary tract infections? Take significant notice of your routines surrounding the times of infection.

Painful urination is linked with anaerobic bacteria suppressing lactobacilli strands and inducing acidic conditions (Krasnopolsky, 2013). RUTI’s are strongly associated with urinary tract pathogens specifically Escherichia coli (E. Coli) overpowering your healthy bacteria ratios. (Ahmed, 2013)

As a Naturopath, I'll review your body systemically and see just what the root cause of infection is - yay!

Probiotics/Prebiotics – These are your new best friend

Have you had recent antibiotics to get rid of your urinary tract infection? The overuse of antibiotics deregulates balanced conditions of the vaginal microbiome, increasing antimicrobial resistance and thus triggering RUTI’s. Lactobacilli strands are essential to vaginal mucosa regulation and assist in inhibiting pathogenic bacteria in vaginal and intestinal cells (González de Llano, 2017). Intestinal dysbiotic conditions can shift from the intestines to the vagina, which in this case seems E.coli seems especially prevalent due to loose stool signifying infection. Probiotics help to rid your body of E.coli and reduce associated inflammation!

Zinc + Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid has been shown to balance urinary nitrates to known to cause inflammation to the urinary system (Hickling, 2013). Zinc Ascorbate a derivative of ascorbic acid has significant antimicrobial activity through antioxidant super-oxide dismutase (SOD) removal of reactive oxygen species (ROS) (Tsuboi, 2012). Zinc is anti-inflammatory and nourishes the immune system in a variety of biochemical mechanisms specifically increasing immune cell activation and it should be one of your first go-to's when it comes to improving overall immunity.

Cranberry - Vaccinium macrocarpon

Cranberry is a vital herb for acute and recurring cystitis; it beholds astringent and bacteriostatic properties (Bone K. , 2007). The active constituent cranf1b-F2 has been shown to reduce biofilm proliferation, specifically targeting the uropathogenic E.Coli, studies show reductions in up to 50%. Cranberry decreases pathogens from adhering to the bladder epithelial lining and red blood cells, which can often be missed by the immune and antibacterial defence mechanisms. (Sun, 2015) This little berry has your back darling!

* If you're consuming cranberry as a juice, it is vital to ensure there are no added sugars!

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